Epic Lift Capacity Evaluations

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Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network (HHCRN) provides high quality preventive, evaluative and rehabilitative services using standardized tests and measures for the injured worker.

HHCRN Epic Lift Capacity Evaluations BannerIncluded in the array of services is the EPIC Lift Capacity (ELC) test. Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network’s clinicians performing ELC tests have been certified via the ELC Evaluator Certification Program to ensure patient safety and evaluator reliability and validity. Patients with an orthopedic injury work or non-work related, to determine work-readiness and/or level of return are candidates for an EPIC Lift Capacity test.

Program Description

The EPIC Lift Capacity test is a battery of six related tests involving lifting and lowering capacities. Tests are conducted over three vertical ranges with two frequencies of repetition.

The test includes:

  • Order of the Tests
  • Starting Load
  • Rate of Progression of Testing
  • Task Frequency
  • Range of Motion

All data captured by HHCRN is entered into a database that EPIC maintains for the development of normative standards and research. The program goal is to provide workers with an appropriate job match to improve worker safety and productivity.

Referring physicians will receive:

  • A statistically valid written assessment of a patient’s lift capacity.
  • Recommendations on a patient’s safe work status and return-to-work capacity.

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Physician prescription required.

Early morning and evening appointments available.

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