Patient Rights & Privacy

At Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network locations you have the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality
  • Be treated with dignity
  • Create an advanced directive
  • Know the names of health care providers and their role in your care
  • Treatment by compassionate, skilled, qualified health professionals
  • Be informed about and participate in your care and treatment plans
  • Be free from all forms of abuse or harassment
  • Request medically appropriate and necessary treatment
  • Refuse treatment as allowed by laws
  • Know what safety measures may be used during your care
  • Ask for a second opinion about your care
  • Proper assessment and management of your pain or discomfort
  • Request an interpreter
  • Review and obtain copies of your medical records
  • Receive treatment in an environment that is sensitive to your beliefs, values and culture
  • Be informed about the care you will need after discharge
  • Receive information about and an explanation of your hospital bill
  • Receive notification of privacy practices
  • Express a complaint or grievance by contacting the Director of Quality at 860.696.2500

Nondiscrimination Policy

Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network does not exclude, deny benefits from or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of gender, race, color, national origin, or on the basis of disability or age in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits of its programs and activities.

Director of Quality

  • Express a complaint or grievance by contacting the Director of Quality.

    Christy Zarlengo


    Christy Zarlengo