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Hartford HealthCare Lymphedema Program Designated as a Center of Excellence

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network‘s Lymphedema program has been named a Center of Excellence in Lymphatic Disease by the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN). LE&RN Conservative Care Centers of Excellence in Lymphatic Disease have been designed to increase access to the best possible  clinical care and services for people affected [...]

Today’s Lesson: Ergonomics for Kids During Remote Learning

OK, kids. Today’s class is called ergonomics. We’re talking about an applied science, the study of how people work in their environment. Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated. Ever hear a teacher tell you to sit up straight in your classroom? That’s ergonomics. (Usually) We know you’re spending a lot [...]

When Work-at-Home Ergonomics Cause Back, Neck Pain

Working from home has become the new normal for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’re saving on gas money and spending more time with the family, but it also means spending long hours sitting in front of computer and, for some, less daily physical activity. Without the proper setup [...]

Keep Your Eye on Nutrition, Exercise (Not the Scale) When Losing Weight

With the growing popularity of weight-loss apps, like Noom and Weight Watchers, it’s never been easier to get your own, personalized plan to help shed some unwanted pounds. Although  these apps certainly can be effective, the fitness experts from Hartford HealthCare remind you that there are many factors  when setting [...]

With This Equipment, Mystic HealthCenter Rehab Gives Patients A Leg (Or Arm) Up

By Elissa Bass Physical therapist Allison Solis is offering instructions and words of encouragement while sitting on the edge of a treadmill in Hartford Healthcare’s Rehabilitation Network facility in its new Mystic HealthCenter. “Bend. Kick. Bend. Kick. Look up! Bend. Kick. Good job.” Both of her hands grasp the right [...]

Virtual Health Visits Nearing 200,000 Since COVID-19. Here’s How it Works.

Telemedicine was not a new concept when the COVID-19 pandemic locked society down in March, it was simply underutilized. “I’ve been using virtual visits for several years now with my pacemaker patients,” said Dr. Steven Zweibel, system director of cardiac electrophysiology for the Hartford HealthCare (HHC) Heart & Vascular Institute. [...]