Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

To be the premier rehabilitation provider in Connecticut; the company known for its commitment to high quality, customer-focused outcomes; the place where people want to work.

Our Vision Statement

To create a seamless continuum of prevention and rehabilitation care, and to assist individuals with temporary or permanent impairments or disabilities in achieving their goals for maximum functional independence.

To organize the prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine resources in the community into a financially responsible integrated delivery system and, in doing so, establish Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network as the regional network of excellence for the provision of prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network will provide the community with outcome focused rehabilitation care with the highest patient centered standards of service delivery. Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network will actively support outstanding programs of education and research designed to encourage acquisition of knowledge and skills that are of value to our organization and the community.

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network