Patient Safety & Quality

How is Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network committed to Top Quality care?

  • Through ongoing measurement and analysis of key performance metrics to continuously improve.

  • Our data demonstrates that our patients are reaching their functional goals in fewer visits.

  • Focus on transitions of care-unique levels of care to provide the right care at the right location at each stage of recovery.

  • Patient engagement in the rehab process though patient reported outcome measures (ROMS).

  • Better access with conveniently located facilities across the state.

  • Integration of cutting edge technology into the rehab process to facilitate best results.

  • Commitment to continuing education and professional growth and development to provide evidence based and best practice treatment methodologies.

  • Creating a single standard of care across all regions and divisions.

Joint Commission Certified

  • New level of care-IRU opened 11/19

  • LANA certifications

  • Growth of lymphedema program

Employee Engagement

  • HHCRN recognizes that our employees are our best asset!

  • Better engaged clinicians provide better care.

  • HHCRN has 15 Special Interest Groups (SIG) where clinicians come together to learn new evidence based treatment modalities and strategies.

At Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network locations these are your responsibilities as a patient

  • Give us complete information about your medical history, including any medications you may be taking

  • Tell us what you need. If you do not understand your care plan, ask questions

  • Be part of your care. It is important for you to tell us how you want to partner in your care

  • If you are not satisfied with your care, please tell us how we can improve.

  • Follow our guidance in helping you get well

  • Be considerate of the rights of other patients, families and hospital personnel

  • Give us any insurance information we need to help get your bill paid and fulfill financial obligations to the hospital

  • For questions or more information about your Rights & Responsibilities, contact the Director of Quality at 860.696.2500.

Director of Quality

  • Express a complaint or grievance by contacting the Director of Quality.

    Christy Zarlengo


    Christy Zarlengo