Headache Management

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Headaches are a growing healthcare issue in which physical therapy can play an important role.

HHCRN Headache Management BannerThe American Headache Association estimates that more than 45 million Americans suffer from headaches each year and headaches account for 150 million lost work days per year, costing American employers $17 billion.

Patients who have recurring headaches and can benefit from active self-management tools for headache and neck pain are candidates for therapy.

The Headache Management Program

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network’s (HHCRN) headache management program includes a thorough evaluation and identifies individualized physical therapy interventions that can positively influence headaches and improve overall function. Physical therapy can improve the quality of life by decreasing headache frequency, intensity, and duration or medication consumption.

Physical Therapy Evaluation includes:

  • Subjective History
  • Postural Assessment
  • Headache Provocation Tests
  • Range of Motion 
  • Neurological Screen
  • Upper Extremity Range of Motion and Strength Testing

Physical Therapy Interventions include:

  • Home Exercise Program
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Postural and Biomechanical Education
  • Manual Therapy

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Therapy Options

Audiological Evaluation for Hearing Loss

Audiological evaluations are conducted by Christie Huebner, MS, FAAA, CCC/A, an audiologist licensed by the State of Connecticut, certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

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Physician Prescription Required.

Early morning and evening appointments available.

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