Dance Medicine

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The dance medicine program is designed to provide a unique method of rehabilitation and conditioning services using the Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion System.

The Dance Medicine Program

The diverse nature of the exercises available makes it appropriate for everyone from patients suffering acute symptoms, deconditioning, professional dancers and athletes.

Individuals who pay benefit from this program include:

  • Dancers/gymnasts
  • Athletes
  • Martial artists
  • Skaters

Program features:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the musculoskeletal system
  • Development of an individualized rehabilitation or conditioning program
  • Utilization of Pilates based equipment and the Gyrotonic Expansion System
  • Continuous re-evaluation of patient/client progress with modification of the program to suit individual need

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  • Improved mobility/flexibility
  • Improved strength/stability
  • Improved coordination
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Promotes balance and symmetrical function

Additional Services include screenings for dancers and injury prevention lectures for dance schools.

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