Surgical Weight Loss Rehab

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Exercise is a key element of success with surgical weight loss to enhance cardiovascular fitness, prevent muscle atrophy due to limited caloric intake, and assist with long term weight management.

HHCRN Surgical Weight Loss BannerPatients who are preparing for or have undergone surgical weight loss are candidates for this program, featuring education and progressive exercises.

The Surgical Weight Loss Rehab Program 

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network’s (HHC RN) program is conducted by physical therapists who develop individualized exercise plans, including exercise considerations for the other medical conditions that frequently accompany obesity (arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart disease, joint and back problems, for example).

The program features:

  • Comprehensive, individualized evaluation pre-operatively and post-operatively.
  • Development of an individualized exercise plan to include flexibility, aerobic, and strengthening components.
  • Periodic re-evaluation of patient progress with modification of the program to meet individual needs.
  • Program can be adapted to aquatic setting for individuals who prefer or may not tolerate land-based activities/exercises.

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  • Maintain or increase: Muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, mobility.
  • Improve ability to perform activities of daily living.
  • Enhance post-operative weight loss.
  • Learn long term lifestyle changes including exercise and health management strategies.

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Physician Prescription Required

Early morning and evening appointments available.

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