Stroke Rehabilitation

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit GymHartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to service stroke rehabilitation in conjunction with the Stroke Center at Hartford Hospital.

Our multidisciplinary team incorporates a combination of physical, occupational, and speech therapy to maximize your functional independence and recovery after stroke. Evidence shows the brain has the ability to “re-wire” after a neurological injury and that the intensity of rehabilitation services received have a positive effect on patient outcomes.

Rehabilitation is a crucial component to making the most complete recovery from a stroke possible. With the right type of skilled stroke rehabilitation the physical, visual, cognitive, communication and psychological impairments caused by stroke can be greatly improved. Our goal for your stroke rehabilitation is to work with you and your caregiver to help you regain as much independence as possible.

Advancements in research have shown that the brain has the capacity to regain functions once lost, through something called neuroplasticity. Rehabilitation plays a large role in stimulating this recovery. Establishing and uncovering different brain connections is only possible through activities that “use and improve” the abilities of patients as well as provide intense, repetitive, task specific practice. Utilizing the latest technology and incorporating cutting edge research, the therapists at HHCRN will guide you through a treatment plan custom tailored to your recovery goals post stroke.

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